Thursday, June 2, 2016

Laments of The Dead 这个夜,灵的告白

Programme 1 of Nyoba Kan Butoh Festival 2016
Laments of The Dead

based on 取材自莎士比亞的理查三世
William Shakespeare’s
Richard III

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Approximately 90 min

A staging of William Shakespeare’s Richard III — with a Butoh theater injection and interpretation
Laments of The Dead is presented with a non-linear narrative but in a nested structure, to uncover the truth of humanity. The director, Lee Swee Keong does not emphasize on the deformity of Richard III, but applied the philosophy of life from Butoh and humanity, seeking to restore the innermost desires of human. “It is tragic when one is manipulated by the infinite desires” is the key message of the production. For Swee Keong, the characteristic of Richard III is closely related to us — the rich and complex humanity.


『这个夜,灵的告白』,这作品里以非线性叙事法和嵌套结构, 揭露一个真实的人性,而以舞踏对生命的哲理,人性的真实,还原了人内心深处的欲望,当人被无限欲望所操控而走向毁灭的悲剧里提出了一个关怀人性的主题。

  • Concept, directed & choreographed by Lee Swee Keong
  • Dramaturg & narrator – Lim Kien Lee (English) & Anthony Lee (Mandarin) 
  • Performed by Foo ChiWei, Arson Ong, Jess Liew, Hana Nadira & butoh trainees (Jiet Wong, Ray Fernandez, Lee Kien Fei, Ho Mun Hann, Ho Su Chuin & Andy Poon) 
  • Composer - Kenneth Wong 
  • Lighting – Tan Chun Ying 
  • Video – Will Chong 
  • Costume – Lagenda Leng & Lee Swee Keong 
  • Stage Manager-Hoe Hui Ting 
  • Make up & hair for female performers – Jamie Chu
  • Mask Painter-Loh Bok Lai
Partner with
MAP, Publika

Photos credit-Jiet Wong
The Crowning
The Widows

The Widows
The Spirits

The Coffin

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