Monday, July 27, 2015

The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole 棺材太大洞太小


Any standard does violence to the individual insofar as it ignores the complexity of being human. Seeking solace in the suppression of heterogeneity, in the containment of diversity, the authority congratulates itself for its mastery on trivial things.

Standardisation, if anything, is imposed to satisfy the libido of power and control. In Malaysia, how often is someone penalised for not conforming to an expectation, for being different, and simply for being herself or himself? They said our idea is too seditious for the country, our narrative is too dissimilar to the official history, our multiplicity is too burdensome for the statecraft, and our questionings, too big.

Based on Kuo Pao Kun's The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole written in 1984, Nyoba Kan revisits its absurdism in a Malaysian context. What happen when the coffin of your late grandfather cannot fit into the hole especially dug for it? One body. One coffin. One hole. One Malaysia? Perhaps, it is time to subvert Kuo's polemics: Is not the hole too small for the coffin? Is not our standards too oppressive? And our laws and regulations, too restrictive? Rhetorical questions nonetheless, they point to a conundrum between a country and its people.

1. Free Performance

14(Sat) & 15.8(Sun) 3pm
The Boulevard, Publika

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Black Box, MAP
RM48(student,senior and disabled)

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