Monday, July 27, 2015

Half Man, Half Ghost 《半人半鬼》 图像纪实

14.08 Fri — 01.09 Tue
11-00am – 8.00pm
(Closed on Mondays)
Aku Cafe & Gallery
1st Floor
8 Jalan Panggong, KL
03-28 57 68 87
012-300 8255
Lee Swee Keong
This is a dialogue : the ambiguous dialogue between Green Snake and the Monk; the Butterfly Lovers’ farewell; Empress Dowager Cixi’s power dialogue with the Forbidden City; the pillow talk between Tajomaru and the Samurai’s wife; the dialogue between Butoh and its audience. This is also a multilevel discourse among photographers, graphic designers, calligraphers and Nyoba Kan’s members throughout all these years — culminating in the compelling posters shown. A fund raising exhibition for Nyoba Kan to continue its creative journey.

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