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2014 Nyoba Kan Butoh Fest 寿板舞踏祭 - The Rhapsody of River Wisdom 清明上河图狂想曲

15 artists of different practices will come together for a collaboration under the artistic direction of Lee Swee Keong. He has designed and directed a multi-site performance event. Interdisciplinary in nature, the events will see film, dance, music and digital installations culminating into an interesting interactive experience for audiences.


Artists in collaboration 艺术团队
Lee Swee Keong 李瑞强 Curator, Choreographer 策划,编舞
Yii Kah Hoe 余家和 composer, Diz 作曲 , 笛子
Ng Teck Hing 黄德欣 Guqin 古琴
Tew Tiong Ley 张忠烈Yangqin 扬琴
Ong May Yi 王美玉 Zhong ruan 中阮
Chan Yit Fei 陈逸飞  Cello大提琴
Kiea Kuan Nam 丘冠南  Butoh , Costume 舞踏, 服装
Liew Chui Ting 刘翠婷 Butoh 舞踏
Arson Ong 王俊文 Butoh 舞踏
David Lok 陆永生 Photographer 摄影
Joseph Foo 胡智义 Graphic Designer平面设计
James Lee 李添兴 Film Maker 影像
Tan Eng Heng 陈永兴 Lights Art 灯光
Pang Heng Khan 彭庆勤 Calligrapher书画
Ng Mei Yin 伍美燕  Dancer(USA) 舞蹈(美国)
Mimi Jeong 郑美美 Dancer (Germany)  特邀德国裔舞者

FB : Nyoba Kan Butoh fest 寿板舞踏祭 2014 - 清明上河图狂想曲

The Exhibition @ The Foyer

Photo By Fu Wai Yieng

Dance of Jasmine Goddess 茉莉花神祭

Ng Mei Yin
Photo by No.2 Photography

The Rhapsody of River Wisdom 清明上河图狂想曲
Music composed by Yii Kah Hoe
Musician - Tew Tiong Ley , Ng Teck Hing, Chan Yit Fei, Ong May Yi & Yii Kah Hoe
Photo provided by Arson Ong

Encounter . White Deer @ Heritage Lane 遇见白鹿
Photo by Fu Wai Yieng

Photo by Felix Wong

Calligraphy Performance 书法表演
by Pang Heng Kang

Space, lighting installation, Music & Performance – The White Deer 
空间,灯光装置, 音乐与表演。白鹿
Photo provided by Lee Swee Keong

Photo by No.2 Photography

Video-Tales of River Wisdom by Doghouse 73 Picture
Photo by James Lee

Video link:!tales-from-river-wisdom/clfc

This video is a production of Doghouse 73 Pictures, an Malaysia independent films production company founded by James Lee.

The original video work was projected as a video installation as "The Birth" and the second part "River Wisdom" was projected with a dancer on stage in the 7th Nyoba Kan Butoh Dance Festival Kuala Lumpur from 29 - 31 August 2014 in Damansara Performing Arts Centre.

More about Doghouse 73 Pictures:

Based on Traditional Korean Shaman dance 神人畅 。舞 (根据韩人传统舞种“僧舞”所改编)
Photos by No.2 Photography

Photos by No.2 Photography

The Hidden Man 隐藏的男人
Photo by No.2 Photography

Photo by No.2 Photography

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