Thursday, November 29, 2012

Legend of White Tiger & Marten - 白虎与貂的传奇 (talk讲谈)

Byakko Sha (1980-1994), an established butoh company on 1980s, a significance figure in the history of butoh. Performances of dissonance and confrontational let loose the depression that caused by the conventional constrain. It’s redemption of the soul as well as the curse and confess of human nature.

Ima Tenko, as one of the pioneer members of Byakko Sha performed butoh for 14 years. Later, she founded Ima Tenko + Kiraza in order to ascertain more possibilities in butoh performance.

You are cordially invited to be present at the sharing of the avant-garde veteran performer with her moving life and stories.

白虎社 Byako sha(1980-1994)是八十年代舞踏兴盛期的奇葩,亦是舞踏历史中的重要代表。

今貂子从廿岁开始就完全奉献了经历十四年的白虎社岁月,之后她成立了 [今貂子 + 倚罗社] 。


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