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Butoh Fest 2012 Events @ Penang

Dance drama - CATAN KULIT

由寿板舞踏呈献的《画皮》舞剧,续5月份的精彩演出深受好评后,决定让这出年度巨作再次登上“第5届国际寿板舞踏祭” 的舞台。

配合“第5届国际寿板舞踏祭”,由我国寿板舞踏艺术总监李瑞强及来自印尼的阿贡古纳弯(Agung Gunawan)编导的舞剧《画皮》,将于11月9日至12月9日,分别在吉隆坡、槟城及柔佛巡回演出。

舞剧《画皮》是构思自聊斋志异里的《画皮》,以舞蹈和戏剧,配上音乐及面具的魅力所创作的舞台剧。 戏中主角由丘冠南担挡,他以丰厚的舞台经验为您演绎神秘优雅的‘女鬼’。 演绎‘树 精’的刘翠婷则展现了撒野之能事,角色的发挥空间令人存有无限的想象空间。

舞剧描绘了幽灵和凡人之间的密切交关,在覆盖白膏的躯体,缓慢、抑制的移动。 《画皮》舞作融合了爪哇族群内在情操的经验,以及舞踏诗意却异己的肌体词汇,达到了神秘而扣人心弦的意境。编导经营了爪哇优雅的细致以及舞踏怪诞的隐喻,把《画皮》建构成另类国度的舞蹈,催促观众异想天开。

穆罕默德 阿尼斯 穆德 诺尔 教授
马来亚大学 舞蹈系

在22日预演当天, 我们也公开让摄影发烧友到来拍摄。 条件:必须拥有23日或24日晚的入门票。

Dance Drama- CATAN Kulit was a main production in May 2012. After received well response from
audience in Kuala Lumpur, this time we bring the full production to Penang on 23 & 24 November 2012.

The creation is based on the famous story, Liao Zhai wriiten by Pu Song Ling during Ching Dynasty in China. The book Liao Zhai has 16 volumes, replete with 491 stories, and CATAN KULIT (also known as "Painted Skin") is one of the story. This version of CATAN KULIT strives to use different traditional and modern dance techniques, as well as using masks. Indonesian based Agung Gunawan has been invited to collaborate with this production as co-choreographer and lead dancer.

Nyoba Kan's group leader, Kiea Kuan Nam, an experience dancer will be the misterious 'Ghost' and another member, Jess Liew will be the wildly 'Tree Fairy'.

"Mysterious and spellbinding, Catan Kulit or Painted Skin jointly choreographed by Lee Swee Keong and Agung Gunawan, combines Javanese sense of batin (inner-realm of inner-experience) with poetic but surreal choreographic language of Butoh into imageries of the macabre, where ghostly spirits and
mortals oscillates between the living and the dead. Performed in white body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion, nuances of Javanese alusan(refine) and Butoh’s grotesque metaphors, the choreographers transformed Catan Kulit into a dance of another state of being, a spectacle that teases the audience to imagine the unimagined……"

Professor Dr. Mohd Anis Md Nor,
Dance Department, University of Malaya.

A special pre-show photo session is opened to photography enthusiasts on 22 Novemeber 2012. The condition is they must have the show ticket on 23 or 24 November 2012.

ticket availabilities:

Call / walk-in:
penangpac@ Tanjung Tokong, Straits Quay, Penang 04-8991 722 / 2722
Walk-in: ILasso Tickets (A606, Block A, Phileo Damansara II, Petaling Jaya)
Enquiry line only: 03-7957 6088

Online purchase:

workshop/pre-show photo session registration : Call Kee How @ penangpac. 

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