Thursday, November 29, 2012

International Gala -Butoh & Dance

Ima Tenko (Japan)

Dancing in the In-Between

Life and death, the afterworld and the mundane world, heaven and earth, cruelty and compassion, stillness and motion, back and front…the point of contact, spaces between provides us the sensory experience of positive (realistic) beauty and dream and time and place.



Qudus Onikeku (Nigeria, France)

Qudus Onikeku has been invited by the “Festival d’Avignon” in France, to present his new creation in July 2013. This new project is the last part of a trilogy "Of Solitude, Alterity and Memory" which began with My Exile is in my Head (2009/2010) and continued with STILL/life (2011/2012). In a span of 5 years Qudus is able to touch on these existential questions that pave way to the discovery of the authentic self.


The Past, Presents and the Future, it is within this cycle of time that Qudus’ artistic preoccupations are caught; they remain the central theme within his works, showing the relationship with human memory and the past. With QADDISH Qudus takes on a journey of memory transmission with his 80 years old father, to explore the dualities of father/son and memory/amnesia, as well as the trinity of, background, middle-greound and foreground. With a special attention on the middle-ground, which is undramatic and unspectacular, is neither the origin of things nor the last things; is aware of a future to head into, and a past to fall back on; it is the home of doubt and indecision, of suspension, of disbelief, of playfulness, of the unpredictable and irony.


Special appearance ; Ming Low (Malaysia)
An exploration of movement and energy flow in relation to space, music and light.

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 Call / walk-in: klpac @ Sentul Park - 03-4047 9000

TAS @ Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Level 8 - 03-2142 2009 / 03-2143 2009

 Walk-in: ILasso Tickets (A606, Block A, Phileo Damansara II, Petaling Jaya)

Enquiry line only: 03-7957 6088

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Are tickets available for tonight? I've tried calling the Actor's Studio, but it seems like nobody answers the phone there on Saturday? Thanks.