Monday, November 7, 2011

Voice & Body Workshop


Voice & Body Workshop
Conduct by Skaidra Jančaite

Venue: Studio MAP @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Ticket: RM60*

Participants will explore voice and body movement, searching for inner and outer links. Also there will be possibilty to explore different techniques which helps to unfold voice and its capacities. During workshop there will be also making of the performance.


Skaidra Jančaite

Graduated from the Kaunas J. Gruodis Conservatoire in 1987 with a speciality in choir conducting, and from the Lithuanian Academy of Music in 2002. Skaidra Jančaite frequently sings in Lithuania; she participates in concerts of avant-garde and experimental music as well as in different projects; she also sings during festivals of classical and contemporary music. She has been well known as a performer of sacral music.

1987年毕业于J. Gruodis音乐学院合唱指挥系,随后又往Lithuania音乐学院深造。凯迪雅是位歌手,经常在立陶宛演唱。也常参与前卫与实验性音乐的演出。她也是一位宗教演唱家。

*Ticket promotion: please refer to ‘Special deal’ & location map to Map Solaris

Workshops registration Call/sms
010 250 3503 (Matthew) / 010 3061 100 (Jess) / 010 428 9528 (Lai Chee)


1) Limited participants
2) To confirm for the booking, the please make payment to:

Payee: Pusat Tarian Nyoba Kan
Bank: Eon Bank
A/C no.: 2005 10 006478 9

(A payment slip will required to email to us for EON bank to confirm the payment as we do not have e-banking.)

Payee: Liew Chui Ting
Bank: MayBank
A/C: 114280 -1666-3-7
(Information of bank-in can email/sms to 010-3061 100 - date, time & amount banked in)

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