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Guest Artist For Butoh Fest 2011

Photo by Shashin Club

Grad Leung Wai Kit (Hong Kong)

Grad is a professional actor, schools drama workshop facilitator and a creator of shadow play puppet and other types of puppetry. 1993 set up Well Drama Club, 1999 Aug joined the 7th International back theatre Conference in York (UK). 2003 Sept He joined the 8th International Playback theatre Conference in Japan. His acting and directing experience include the shadow play Da Tai, and Xie Lu Shang in 2009, The Quarantine and Nyoba Kan Butoh performance The Strange Remark in 2010.

梁伟杰 (香港)
伟杰是一位专业演员,学府戏剧工作坊帶領人,也是少有的皮影、大小木偶札作人。参与演出及导演的作品包括2008年的《一人一故事独角戏》, CCCD 行为艺术的《女演》、 2009年影话戏的《搭檯》、及致群劇社的《邪路上》。2010 年影話戲《防疫禁區》,及壽板舞踏作品《怪謎》。

Boyz Chew Soon Heng (Hands Percussion, Malaysia)

Photo provided by Hands

Boyz was born in Malaysia.as a professional drummer in hands percussion team,he have been learning drum about 15 years.His rhythm language is rooted in Chinese shigu ,Chinese percussion ,gamelan, Latin percussion. Boyz also coaching 24 festive drum Malaysia. In this few years,Boyz also invited to overseas to perform, such as Europe Art Festival, Doha Asia Games Cultural Event 2006,Europe Art Festival Touring ,Singapore Art Festival,France Art Festival. His recent 2011 performance includes Knocking and Butoh performance with Nyoba Kan members in Mydance Festival 2011 Moutain, Water and Flowers and White Snake & Phoenix in 2011 Nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest.

周顺兴 (手集团)
周顺兴,出身于马来西亚吉隆坡。2001年加入手集团敲击组成为全职鼓手,兼任教育。马来西亚二十四节令鼓推动小组之一,十三岁开始打鼓,都年来不停的学习的敲击节奏…善长于狮鼓,敲击乐,gamelan ,拉丁鼓等乐器丰富与开阔对鼓的生命。曾参于多项国内外的大大小小的演出,如多哈亚运会文艺演出(Doha Asia Games Cultural Event 2006) ,欧洲艺术节(Europe Art Festival Touring )新加坡艺术节(Singapore Art Festival),法国艺术节(France Art festival)等。而最近的2011演出有《叩》和MyDance Fest 2011与寿板团员合作的舞踏表演—《有山 有水 还有花》与 2011 寿板国际舞踏祭里的《白蛇与凤凰》。

Gideon Alubakhan (Malaysia)

Aluba, an experience guitarist and music composer. Beng involved himself in few of the Hands Percussion performance, including Chaos in Unison (2008) and Dialogue in Skin (2010) in Australia, Rhapsodrums (2010) and the recent performance Knocking (2011).

Other involvement are Rashomon, Taiwan University Arts Festival and Hear Out Music Exchange in Singapore. He also involved as live musician in Nyoba Kan's productions such as White Snake & Phoenix for the 2011 International Butoh Fest, Butterfly Lovers, Mask Dance in Dancebox Apr 2012 organised by MyDance Alliance and others events as well.

Aluba has 11 years guitar teaching experience and also in his past, he has been actively involved in underground music band, playing alternative, heavy rock, metal rock etc. He likes to experience and explore to different type of music form, later, he started to play Gu Qin, Sitar, Samisen, even the Australia native music instrument, didgeridoo etc. Through the music, he find his inner peace in life, creativity and exploring the truth self.

阿龙巴 (大马)

本地资深的吉他手及作曲家,并拥有十一年的吉他教学经验。 他通过音乐寻找自身的宁静,创新与生命的真谛。

曾活跃于地下音乐圈,组织金属音乐,另类音乐乐团等。因为喜欢不断尝试不同的音乐风格,后来也学习西塔琴,三弦琴,古琴,甚至澳洲原住民的didgeridoo 等。

另外曾参演多部手集团的演出,包括前往澳洲的《鼓疯》(2008),《鼓说》(2010),《Rhapsodrums》(2010)和近期的《叩》(2011);还包括《罗生门》,台湾大学文化节,新加坡的《Hear Out》音乐会等。他也多次为寿板舞团的作品做现场伴乐, 作品包括,2011 寿板国际舞踏祭里的《白蛇与凤凰》,《梁祝》,MyDance Alliance 举办的 Dancebox Apr 2012 里的 《Mask Dance》和其他的演出。

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