Thursday, February 18, 2010

Obituary - In Memory of Caecar Chong, Our Thoughts And Prayers Are Always With You.

The Annexe Gallery would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of our dear friend Caecar Chong (1974 - 2010) who passed away yesterday on 18 February, after battling cancer.

Although trained as an architect, most of us will remember Caecar Chong for his invaluable award-winning contributions to the performing arts and design scene in Malaysia, chiefly as one of the principal members of the Nyoba Kan dance company, together with Lee Swee Keong and Kiea Kuan Nam. Although diminutive in stature and quiet in person, Caecar was larger than life onstage, mostly seen in Nyoba Kan's critically acclaimed and adventurous productions.
Caecar has also worked as an actor, set designer and photographer, among other pursuits. One of the things that was striking about Caecar was he never set limits for himself. His adventurous spirit will remain an inspiration to us all.
Here at The Annexe Gallery, we're very proud to have had the honour and privilege to share in Caecar's talent, humour and insights as an artist and human being.
Thank you for the memories, Caecar. We will miss you very much.

Jerome Kugan

Obituary - Caecar Chong

We are saddened to hear that Caecar Chong, a dedicated Butoh artist and member of Nyoba kan Butoh company, passed away this morning, 18 February 2010. Details of his wake in

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生命无常,你不不能控制命运的安排。它,悄悄地来到你身边,告诉你,明天你就得离开这世间。你,也无可奈何。 蔚蓝的天空依旧,清澈的河流,还有那繁忙的人潮当中,也许你不会察觉有人命运随着空气中擦身而过的,或曾经相处,如今只能回忆在脑海当中。讯息一一告知某人的死讯后,可能眼泪也流不出,但是心情总是耿耿于怀,无法疏解心中的无奈和接受。如果你身边的朋友离你而去,你会怎样的心情?我一直给自己一个忠告:好好活下去,认真对待每一个人和每一件事。因为你无法挽回和弥补。真的,朋友离开了,我能做什么?我只能默默地祝福他,愿你一路好走~其他人,我会更珍惜~如果你也一样的珍惜我~