Thursday, September 24, 2009

Journey of Spirit 魂之旅

A lonely spirit has hallucination. A man's soul is trifled with madness,
wanders about hell, changes his sex and meet at a collapse of the body - all before we know it.

Butoh Highlight By Mr Yukio Waguri (Japan)
PJLA Jaya One

A Peony Dream 游园惊梦

A dream in spring,
peony garden bring me to my soul mate.
The breathless waken lost ends with my joyful renaissance.

Butoh Highlight By Kiea Kuan Nam (Malaysia)

choreographer lee swee keong
performer kiea kuan nam
lighting designer tan eng heng
music composer ng chor guan
costume khoon hooi
make up leric yap
photography Shashin Fotografi KL

Butoh Workshop By Yukio Waguri ( Japan)

openness, technique,interaction,
self recharging, growing, metamorphosis

开放, 技巧,交流,自我充电,成长,蜕变
klpac studio

Butoh Noice 噪舞踏

goh lee kwang, dean linguey,
au sow yee, lee swee keong

indicine, klpac

Butoh Jam 舞踏果酱

yap sau bin, tan eng heng, goh lee kwang,
teoh shaw gie, lee swee keong, caecar chong

multi sensuous experience comprising of sound art,video art and butoh improvisation.

the annexe, central market