Saturday, March 22, 2008


2016..... Butterfly Lovers(re-stage): Solo dance by Lee Swee Keong & live music)
2015..... 8th nyobakan Butoh Fest - The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole
2014..... 7th nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest - The Rhapsody of River Wisdom
((15 artists from different artistic practices (local artists and German based Korean dancer) works together, consist of space, lighting installation, live music, dance, calligraphy and video performances.)

2013..... 6th nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest - The Thousand Hands Arhat
2013..... The Spirits Play
2013..... Green Snake & The Monk (presented together with Magic Bean Dance & Body Skill Studio. Awarded the Best music and sound design in Cameronian Arts Award)
2012..... The Mystical Dance
2012..... 5th nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest
2012..... Dance drama - Catan Kulit (Collaboration with Agung Gunawan, Indonesia. Awarded 5 Cameronian Arts Award, including Best Choreography and Best Group Performance)
2011..... 4th Kan International Butoh Fest
2011..... Butterfly Lover - Music. Dance. Video Art
2011..... Buto 3
2010..... 3rd nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest
2009..... 2nd nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest
2009.....The Red & White Fairy Tale
2008.....nyoba Kan Butoh Festival . July
2008.....She Walks in Beauty like the Night . July
2008.....Solar de Solar . Tribute to Kazuo Uhno . Tokyo
2007.....Devils Wear BATA

2007.....Green snake . BALI
2007.....The Curse of the Forbidden Palace
2006.....Butterfly Lovers
2006.....Green Snake In Butoh
2005.....Phoenix Rises . International collaboration with Butoh Master Ko murobushi,Malaysian Dance Festival
2005.....Green Snake
2004.....The Money God Arrives . Huayi Festival of Chinese Arts . Singapore
2003.....A Cherry Bludgeoned, A Spirit Crushed . Singapore Arts Festival 2004
2002.....Woman Born From Dragon
2002......Happy Birthday
2002......Eden with Chrysanthemums in Full Bloom
2001.....Four Men and An Elephant
1998.....When Durian Meets Banana Tree
1997.....Coffin of Rejuvenation (Ghost Festival, Berlin)
1996.....I am a Chamber Pot
1995......Red Banquet

舞踏手。 刘翠婷

2009 年 参加寿板的舞踏工作坊,并首次参演舞踏作品—《舞踏新娘》。 2010 年加入寿板舞踏为舞踏实习者,在寿板举办的国际舞踏祭里,参演《罗生门虚拟纪实》,及其他本地的户外演出。2010年受邀参与澳門城市藝穗演出。首次构想再由瑞强老师编的独舞有《兽念》。 认为舞踏给自己开启了寻找灵性平衡之门,并重新认识自己。

In 2009,  Liew joined Nyoba Kan’s Butoh workshop and presented her first Butoh performance “Butoh Brides”. She joined Nyoba Kan as a Buto practitioner in 2010 and took part in “The Lost Testimony of Rashomon” at Nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest, Kuala Lumpur. After this, she was a guest performer in the Macau Fringe Fest 2010.  In 2011,  Jess presented first solo dance “Beast Thought” in Butoh 3 was her own creation. In Nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest 2011, she has performed her solo piece in “White Snake & Phoenix”. In 2012, she is one of the performer in Nyoba Kan’s main production, Dance drama-Catan Kulit. Latest involvement are “The Thousand Hands Arhat (2013)” and “ The Rhapsody of River Wisdom” (2014).