Friday, May 30, 2008

寿板舞踏祭。nyoba butoh fest2008 .july

photo preview

photographer.Patrick Yap

爱息。whispers of love . 2008

不加锁舞踊馆 。香港
international collabration .
Unlock Dancing Plaza . Hong Kong

photographer . wee ling . kelab shashin

Monday, May 5, 2008

devils wear BATA . 2007

photographer . wee ling . kelab shashin

寿板舞踏倾城之作 。 慈禧之诅咒紫禁城 。多元感官剧场创作 。2008

入圍2007第六屆Boh Cameronian Arts Award
最佳男舞者-丘冠南  及 最佳群舞


慈禧太后,一个曾经在中国史上呼风唤雨的圣号, 是如何走出那深宫六院的重重门槛,一步步的踏上那万岁长廊,傲视于紫禁城的屋脊之巅?这是一部以慈禧为创作底线的多元剧场创作。寿板舞踏以一贯试验性的创作手法,结合多元艺术领域的要素,以寻求更开阔的舞台语言。 脚本中被批判的, 是一副副光影底片中,排山倒海似的珠光宝气。被诅咒的,是一笔笔不平等条约所签下的卖国求荣。

纱帘背后,除了一股霸气凌云,到底还会不会酝酿着一坛不为人知的心酸血泪? 淫乱杀子的万年腐名, 是否还苦候着百年后的大平反?


李瑞强 。艺术总监
黄慧思 。肢体+声音
罗国文 。灯光装置
黄楚源 。音乐+音效
欧秀仪 。录像装置
丘冠南 。舞踏
张忠勇 。舞踏 + 空间装置
李承运 。形象设计
叶国强 。摄影+平面设计

The Curse of the Forbidden Palace . 2007

The Boh Cameronian Arts Award 2007 Nomination

Best Feature Performer: Kiea Kuan Nam
Best Group Performance: Nyoba Kan Ensemble

The Curse of the Forbidden Palace is based on the dramatic life story of Empress Dowager CHI XI, a concubine-turned-despot who ruled over the last years of the Qing Dynasty, and was considered responsible for the downfall of Imperial China.

Recalling the many power-mad individuals in today’s society, this production presents the Empress in three tableaus: a strong-willed puppet-master in the court, a lady at play in her private garden, and a woman standing on the roof of the Forbidden Palace, surveying all that she has – and hasn’t.

This multi disciplinary production is curated by experimental arts troupe Nyoba Kan. Aiming to pioneer new forms of dance theatre in Malaysia, Nyoba Kan pulls together new set of artists from various disciplines, each acclaimed in his own field, to search for new possibilities in performing art in this production.

In conjunction with the opening of The Annex, Central Market, guest artists are encouraged to explore the space of the new arts venue in their own artistic language.

Occupying all three rooms of the Top Floor of The Annex, The Curse of the Forbidden Palace features butoh dance, performance art, original music, light installation, art installation and other artistic possibilities.

Production Team

Artistic Director . Lee Swee Keong    

Presenter . Nyoba Kan    

Production Manager . Jason Lai    

Graphic Designer . Patrick Yap    

English Copy Writer . Pang Kee Teck    

Chinese Copy Writer . Caecar Chong    

Coordinator . Kiea Kuan Nam    

Photographer . Patrick Yap + Shashin Club


Lee Swee Keong . Butoh Dancer + Calligraphy Artist

Kiea Kuan Nam . Butoh Dancer

Caecar Chong . Butoh Dancer + Installation Artist

YC Ooi . Vocalist + Mover

Ng Chor Guan . Composer

Loh Kok Man . Lighting Installation Artist

Au Sow Yee . Video Installation Artist

Berg Lee . Stylist

photographer. wee ling. kelab shashin

梁祝丹花翠蝶舞楼台。butterfly lovers . 2006

gallery . 青蛇三乐 。green snake . 2006

photographer. david loke . kelab shashin     

追上枝头变凤凰 。phoenix rises . 2005

合作演出 。
室伏鴻 。日本
international collaboration . Ko Murobushi . Japan
photographer . alan wong . kelab shashin


青蛇 。green snake . 2005

photographer. bryan chong