Thursday, April 24, 2008

舞踏手 。张忠勇

2002年 正 式 加 入 寿 板 舞 踏
徘 徊 于 建 筑、舞 踏、摄 影、剧 场、设 计 之 间
多 元 艺 术 创 造 他 的 生 活 色 彩
舞 踏 引 领 他 的 精 神 修 持


Caecar Chong

Multi-disciplinary Artist & Core Member of Nyoba Kan

In terms of the performing arts, Caecar has been a core member of Nyoba Kan since 2002 and performed in all their subsequent productions. These include ‘Carmen’, ‘Eden with Chrysanthemums in Full Bloom’, ‘Qian’s’, ‘A Cherry Bludgeoned, A Spirit Crushed’, ‘Money God Arrives’ and ‘Phoenix Rises’. With the other members he also participated in the Japan-Malaysia Technical Design Workshop.

In Memory of Caecar Chong (1974-2010)

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