Monday, October 3, 2005

寿板 (Nyoba Kan)

始于1995年,马来西亚仅有的舞踏团体并发起吉隆坡国际舞踏艺术节 - "寿板舞踏祭",借此推广舞踏活动,也促进舞踏发源地日本与其他国家的舞踏艺术家交流。

寿板舞踏以土方巽的暗黑舞踏精神为方向,又以马来西亚特殊的文化背景特质,并融合气功、瑜珈、佛家、道家、现代舞等功法,整合一套以"修身养性"为前提的舞蹈观念, 经营身心灵的学习与成长。


Founded in 1995, the only Butoh dance group in Malaysia, and pioneers the International Butoh Festival in Kuala Lumpur Nyoba Kan International Butoh Festival. This event aims to introduce the Butoh art through various Butoh performances and activities, and also to promote the exchange among Japan Butoh and foreign Butoh artists.

Nyoba Kan’s Butoh is founded upon the ideal cultivation of one’s spiritual growth along with one’s body, mind, and soul.

Artistic Director Lee Swee Keong combines various techniques and disciplines from pioneers of the art form into his own personal Butoh philosophy. For him, Butoh reconstructs the body and the mind, providing one with new perspectives toward life and mortality. It is a form of spiritual expression far beyond the physical.

Through Butoh, interaction between one’s spiritual and physical aspects finds its truthful expression, sometimes reflecting a mysterious, organic, heavenly state of being, sometimes a radically joyful one. This is a process of purification; it is also a form of therapy for both performers and audience.

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