Saturday, March 22, 2008

舞踏手。 刘翠婷

2009 年 参加寿板的舞踏工作坊,并首次参演舞踏作品—《舞踏新娘》。 2010 年加入寿板舞踏为舞踏实习者,在寿板举办的国际舞踏祭里,参演《罗生门虚拟纪实》,及其他本地的户外演出。2010年受邀参与澳門城市藝穗演出。首次构想再由瑞强老师编的独舞有《兽念》。 认为舞踏给自己开启了寻找灵性平衡之门,并重新认识自己。

In 2009,  Liew joined Nyoba Kan’s Butoh workshop and presented her first Butoh performance “Butoh Brides”. She joined Nyoba Kan as a Buto practitioner in 2010 and took part in “The Lost Testimony of Rashomon” at Nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest, Kuala Lumpur. After this, she was a guest performer in the Macau Fringe Fest 2010.  In 2011,  Jess presented first solo dance “Beast Thought” in Butoh 3 was her own creation. In Nyoba Kan International Butoh Fest 2011, she has performed her solo piece in “White Snake & Phoenix”. In 2012, she is one of the performer in Nyoba Kan’s main production, Dance drama-Catan Kulit. Latest involvement are “The Thousand Hands Arhat (2013)” and “ The Rhapsody of River Wisdom” (2014).

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