Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Plots of A Tyrant 另一夜,暴君的阴谋

As the world celebrates Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary, Nyoba Kan has conceived a production based on William Shakespeare’s Richard III — with a Butoh injection and interpretation.

As passionate Butoh practitioners in Malaysia, we have a strong desire to communicate and interact with Japanese Butoh Artistes; to work, to collaborate and learn from one another, in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome in our work. Thus this year we have invited a young, up-and-coming Butoh artist Nobuyoshi Asai to work with us in this production, together with composer Yii Kah Hoe (Malaysia) & Max Riefer (Germany) and musician Ming-Yung Lee(South Korea) & vocalist, Anna Harley from USA.

The Plots of A Tyrant 另一夜,暴君的阴谋
based on William Shakespeare's Richard III

A choreography work of Lee Swee Keong & Nobuyoshi Asai

FB Event Link: The Plots of A Tyrant

22 – 23 July (Fri – Sat) 8:30pm
Pentas 2, Klpac

Ticket :
RM45 (adult)
RM35 (student, seniors + disable)
+ 603 40 47 90 00 (klpac)
+ 603 78 80 79 99 (ticketing)


Choreographer / Dancer
Nobuyoshi Asai
Lee Swee Keong

Composer / Musician
Yii Kah Hoe (Xiao)
Max Riefer (Percussion)

Min-Yung Lee (Cello)
Anne Harley (Voice)

Guest Performer
Tung Jit Yang


Partner :
Shakespeare 400 The Actors Studio
Presented by
The Actors Studio

Supported by :
Asia Center, Japan Foundation
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Laments of The Dead 这个夜,灵的告白

Programme 1 of Nyoba Kan Butoh Festival 2016
Laments of The Dead

based on 取材自莎士比亞的理查三世
William Shakespeare’s
Richard III

FB Event link

> 8:00 pm (free)
The Boulevard@ Publika

> 8:30 pm (RM35 by donation)
White Box@ MAP Publika

Tel: 016- 393 8138 / 017-881 2675

012-362 2939 (Hai Ning)

Shakespeare has greatly influenced the culture of England. He is famous for his contribution in theater production. The audiences enjoy his unique expressions, distinctive interpretation, singular artistic and culture blends. A staging of William Shakespeare’s Richard III — with a Butoh injection and interpretation will be an interesting combination.

The artistic director of Nyoba Kan, Lee Swee Keong employed the classic story of lust, murder and pride to present a mysterious, grand and poignant performance. It stimulates our imagination through the creation of virtual vision of humanity.

Laments of The Dead is presented with a non-linear narrative but in a nested structure, to uncover the truth of humanity. The director does not emphasize on the deformity of Richard III, but applied the philosophy of life from Butoh and humanity, seeking to restore the innermost desires of human. “It is tragic when one is manipulated by the infinite desires” is the key message of the production. For Swee Keong, the characteristic of Richard III is closely related to us — the rich and complex humanity. The night before the war, Richard III was woken by a nightmare and delivered a monologue in conscience. However, that did not stop him from committed his sins. Perhaps, it is the confusion of dreams and reality that leads to the unwillingness to let go.

The director has assembled individuals from diverse background for this production. These are professionals from theater, dance, music, installation art, and photography. According to Swee Keong, “Art has no boundary, we learn from each other, and together we grow”. He has invited famous local stage director Anthony Lee, Shakespearean actor Lim Kien Lee, dazzling theater actor Hana Nadira, photographer Will Chong and dancer Foo Chiwei in this production. It is believed that the diverse combination could inspire and brings forth interesting possibilities. In order to promote the spirit of Butoh, Swee Keong has also casted a few new talents that were trained under him in the dance form. This provides an excellent platform for artistes and those who are interested in Butoh to explore and understand Butoh further.


壽板舞踏艺术总监李瑞强 / 这个夜,灵的告白

莎士比亚戏剧是英国文化的瑰宝, 在戏剧界的地位无需多言,数百年来风靡全球,观众乐于看到莎士比亚的不同表达,不同诠释,不同艺术语汇,不同文化的交融,这次与舞踏的结合,将会激发二者无限的想象空间和一种创造性的表达。


『这个夜,灵的告白』,这作品里以非线性叙事法和嵌套结构, 揭露一个真实的人性, 是一个贴近我们生活的理查三世。导演没有彰显理查三世天生的残疾和丑陋,而以舞踏对生命的哲理,人性的真实,还原了人内心深处的欲望,当人被无限欲望所操控而走向毁灭的悲剧里提出了一个关怀人性的主题。

导演更关心的是这作品里所创造的‘理查三世’ 是一个我们今天生活息息相关的一种形象,让这潜在的形象去呼唤人性里可能具有的丰富性和复杂性。在面临战败前的一晚, 理查三世噩梦初醒后动容和良知的独白,并没有让他醒悟,他依然继续他那无止尽的罪恶里,这或许是当梦境和现实交融,我们内心无法释怀的告白吧。

这次的演出集结了不同背景的艺术工作者参与,包括剧场,舞蹈,音乐,装置艺术和影像艺术。导演提到,艺术无领域,应该互相交流学习,才能茁壮成长。这次演出特邀马来西亚导演李奕翰,莎士比亚剧演员林建顺,剧场亮眼演员Hana Nadira, 摄影与影像导演Will Chong和舞者符基伟,一同参与,多方面的艺术交融和碰撞,相信将会激发创作者热情、潜力和想像的空间。这次也多了许多新血,为推广舞踏的精神,李瑞强招募新的人才,提供舞踏训练,让本地有兴趣的艺术工作者对舞踏有更深入的体会。

Choreographer / director
Lee Swee Keong

Dramaturg / narrator
LIm Kien Lee (English)
Anthony Lee (Chinese)

Butoh Artiste
Jess LIew
Foo Chiwei (Also adviser for the production)
Arson Ong &
Nyoba Kan Trainees

Special appearance
Hana Nadira

Music Composer
Kenneth Wong

Video art
Will Chong

Tan Chun Ying

Lagenda Leng & Lee Swee Keong

Make up & hair for female performers
Jamie Chu

Stage Manager
Hoe Hui Ting

Mask Painter
Loh Bok Lai
Partner with
MAP, Publika

Butoh Workshop by Nobuyoshi Asai

Programme 3 of Nyoba Kan Butoh Fest 2016

Butoh Workshop by Nobuyoshi Asai
03.07.16 (Sunday)
> 10 :  00 am – 1 :  00 pm
Indicine, klpac

+ 017-881 2675

Conducted by
Nobuyoshi Asai

Nobuyoshi Asai practiced street dance at an international level during his youth. For a year, he joined the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York. He started his own company, Sudbury, in Japan where young artistes joined their creative resources giving international performances. In search of a more profound interior approach, he joined Dairakudakan butoh company in 2005 before becoming a permanent dancer at Sankai Juku with whom he performed all over the world. In 2011, the Pola Art Foundation provided him grants to pursue his choreographic and artistic researches in Berlin. The following year, he obtained the Japanese Government Study program for Artists and spent a year in Tel Aviv, attached at the Batsheva Company and also collaborating with the alternative artists of Clipa Theatre. Striving to embrace a freelance career — in order to explore dance and choreography further and also collaborations / creations on photography and plastic arts — he now lives and works in France.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Butterfly Lovers - re-stage 梁祝 (李瑞强独舞与音乐会)

Butterfly Lovers - re-stage



Live music and dance

6 & 7 May2016 8:30pm
8 May 3pm

03-4065  0001/0002

RM68 / RM61(DPAC Member)

Music cleans the soul; Drama reflects the voice
In dance, Zen prevails; We explores the legend of the butterfly lovers
As love parts as well as the perils of hate, we experience it together.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole 棺材太大洞太小


Any standard does violence to the individual insofar as it ignores the complexity of being human. Seeking solace in the suppression of heterogeneity, in the containment of diversity, the authority congratulates itself for its mastery on trivial things.

Standardisation, if anything, is imposed to satisfy the libido of power and control. In Malaysia, how often is someone penalised for not conforming to an expectation, for being different, and simply for being herself or himself? They said our idea is too seditious for the country, our narrative is too dissimilar to the official history, our multiplicity is too burdensome for the statecraft, and our questionings, too big.

Based on Kuo Pao Kun's The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole written in 1984, Nyoba Kan revisits its absurdism in a Malaysian context. What happen when the coffin of your late grandfather cannot fit into the hole especially dug for it? One body. One coffin. One hole. One Malaysia? Perhaps, it is time to subvert Kuo's polemics: Is not the hole too small for the coffin? Is not our standards too oppressive? And our laws and regulations, too restrictive? Rhetorical questions nonetheless, they point to a conundrum between a country and its people.

1. Free Performance

14(Sat) & 15.8(Sun) 3pm
The Boulevard, Publika

2. 21(Fri) & 22.8 (Sat) 8pm

Black Box, MAP
RM48(student,senior and disabled)

Enquiry :
Kiea Kuan Nam 012-6560812
Lee Swee Keong 012-300 8255

Facebook: Nyoba Kan Butoh Fest 2015
W: www.nyobakan.com.my

Half Man, Half Ghost 《半人半鬼》 图像纪实

14.08 Fri — 01.09 Tue
11-00am – 8.00pm
(Closed on Mondays)
Aku Cafe & Gallery
1st Floor
8 Jalan Panggong, KL
03-28 57 68 87
012-300 8255
Lee Swee Keong
This is a dialogue : the ambiguous dialogue between Green Snake and the Monk; the Butterfly Lovers’ farewell; Empress Dowager Cixi’s power dialogue with the Forbidden City; the pillow talk between Tajomaru and the Samurai’s wife; the dialogue between Butoh and its audience. This is also a multilevel discourse among photographers, graphic designers, calligraphers and Nyoba Kan’s members throughout all these years — culminating in the compelling posters shown. A fund raising exhibition for Nyoba Kan to continue its creative journey.